1. List the major functions of the following componets fo the netral nervous system.

     a. cerebral cortex–frontal lobe

     b. cerebral cortex– parietal lobe

     c. cerebral cortex — temporal lobe

     d. cerebral cortex — Wernicke’s area

     e. cerebral cortex — Broca’s area

     f. basil ganblia

    g. thalamus

    h. hypothalmus

    i. cerebellum

    j. midbrain

    k. pons

   l. medulla

   m. spinal cord

2. List the primary sensations mediated by the 2 major sensory pathways of the CNS

3. Describe 3 major motor pathways int eh CNS, including the type of movements mediated by each.

Reply answering the questions above using APA format.

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