Watch the YouTube video below.   

Watch the TED talk on Sugar Addiction – Sugar is Not a Treat | Jody Stanislaw | TEDxSunValley. 

Answer the following in 3 pages

1.   Relate the information in the video to drug addiction. Why is it so easy for some to resist addiction and difficult for others? (use your text and other sources).

2.   Explain how sugar triggers the same parts of our brain as other addictive substances such as cocaine and nicotine. Use the text and other sources.

3.   Describe how the main theme resonated with you or what information you learned you previously did not know? How will this information impact your life going forward?

Find an article that discusses the issue of addiction-related to food. Summarize the article and cite your sources. The summary should be 2 pages.

Total 5 pages

Don’t forget to cite your sources. APA or MLA (Make sure they are from reputable sources). Your citations of websites and articles within should be formatted correctly. Include the YouTube video in your references. Go to the LRC website and you will find instructions for citing an article found on a website and citing content found on a website. Do this correctly as it is worth 10pts out of the total.

Your paper should be in the following format:

  • Your reference page must include at least 5 sources (you should have the YouTube video and your text should be one of the sources) This page does not count toward the 5 pages.
  • 1 inch margins, 12pt font and double spaced.

5 pages total not counting your reference page. You must use your text as one of the references.

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