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When determining the efficacy of the sepsis handoff communication tool, this can be evaluated in one of two ways. Both of these ways, however, both evaluate data in the same way. The first way would be to utilize a randomized controlled trial in patients with an admitting diagnosis or new diagnosis of sepsis. Half of the patients diagnosed with sepsis will receive the sepsis handoff communication tool, and the other half will not. This will allow those who will review the data, which includes myself, infection control and administration, to see in real time the difference, if any, in implementing a handoff tool. The second was to determine efficacy could be to implement the sepsis handoff tool to all patients with an admitting or new diagnosis of sepsis. The data collected can then be compared to the data in the past in which a tool was not used.

Data collected from either of these methods will allow those involved to compare current or previous data, depending on the method, to the new communication tool. This will help determine if the sepsis handoff tool creates a positive change in patient outcomes and also decreasing in-patient mortality, or if there is no change.

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