Please answer the following questions in 75-100 words using the APA-6th-Edition-Template-without-Abstract.dotPreview the document template.

  1. How can you make a PowerPoint colorful and lively?
  2. What is the difference between animation and transition effects?
  3.  Why is it important for the slides to be uniform in FONT and Design? 

DQ Rubric


All questions are answered and conveyed clearly and concisely.
There is evidence the assigned course material is covered. 40.0 ptsFull Marks
APA template is used to answer the Discussion Question 10.0 ptsFull Marks
Mechanics/GrammasThe post is well written and easy to understand.
Free from grammar issues.
*Ran through Grammarly.com* 25.0 to >15.0 ptsFull Marks
Original Thought/ IdeasThe DQ is not plagiarized.
If a citation is required, the student cited correctly.
Blatant plagiarism will receive a zero for the entire assignment  15.0 ptsFull Marks
If submitted timely 10.0 pts

Total points  100.0

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