ART 100

Directions: Please answer the questions below in complete sentences using APA guidelines.  Your response to each should be at least 300 words in length.  Utilize examples from the textbook, if applicable.


1.      Compare Etruscan sculpture with Archaic Greek sculpture. What are the similarities and differences? Give examples.


2.      Describe the symbols, their meaning, and the political message of the Gemma Augustea.


3.      Use one or two examples to explain the importance of symbolism in Early Christian art.


4.      Discuss the theme of the “good shepherd” in Early Christian and Byzantine art. What was its importance to Christians? How did it change over time?


5.      Discuss what makes the Tugra of Sultan Suleyman I a good example of Islamic art.



6.      Using specific examples, describe outside influences that are seen in Islamic architecture.

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