Assignment- Article Critique



  • Due Date: 5-6 Days
  • Assessment Weight: 20%
  • Students are required to write an article critique of 1,500 words
  • The article that you must read and critically assess is:
    • Hutchinson, A. & Boxall, P. (2014), ‘The critical challenges facing New Zealand’s chief executives: implications for management skills’, Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources, vol.52, pp.23-41.


  • The critique should be:
    • Written in standard essay format
    • Be typed or word processed in Times New Roman or Arial, 12 Font Size
    • Be formatted with 1.5 line spacing



  • The Article Critique that you write must:


o   Identify a relevant Thesis Statement or Question from the article

o   Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the article based on the Thesis Statement

o   Provide your own viewpoint – what do you believe?

o   Do you agree with the thesis statement of the article or don’t agree?

o   State your key points and Why? Why not?

o   Provide evidence and research from other academic sources (at least 3) to support and back your argument

o   Show use and understanding of class concepts learned in class that relates to the subject of the article

    • A solid conclusion to your essay


PLEASE NOTE: This assignment is NOT just a summary of the article. It is a critique to show that you understand what the author is trying to convey and that you can show your own critical analysis and assessment of the arguments for and against, as well as provide evidence to support your own opinion on the subject.




  • Include a list of appropriately formatted references and also show in your essay where you used them (using standard Harvard Referencing Style)


  • The 20% of marks will be allocated for showing:

Ø  Critical analysis of the article (6 marks)

Ø  Understanding and comprehension of the case study article (5 marks)

Ø  Format, excellence and strength of your argument/conclusion (4 marks)

Ø  Appropriate referencing( Harvard referencing style) and use of additional research (3 marks)

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