bikers culture

Below is a possible rough outline for the subculture paper:


Introduction with thesis, then:

I.        Who or what is the subculture?


II.     What is the history/background?


III.   What are the core beliefs/practices/ideals?  What do they do together?  Subculture-specific language/jargon/uniform/dress?


IV.  What do others think about them?


V.     What are current issues, problems, or concerns that are affecting the subculture now?


VI. How do social media and media come into play for this subculture?  How are they represented/misrepresented in the media?  How do they use social media for recruitment?  What are the key blogs/websites?  How are they portrayed in pop culture?


VII.  What is the subculture’s presence on campus?  In Chico?  Northern California?



Also keep in mind:  Who are the role models in this subculture?  Famous members of this subculture? Former members?

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