biochemistry: atp and glucose calculation



 A person weighing 150 pounds who is running 1 mile in ten minutes, will “burn” 100-120 Calories. A 200 lb person uses 135-155 Cal for the same run.


A)How much ATP (in grams) is needed for such a workout? The molecular weight for ATP is 507 g/mol. The standard free energy for hydrolysis of the g-phosphate group in ATP is -32 kJ/mol. 1 Cal = 1000 calories, and 1kcal = 4.184 kJ. 



B)How many grams of glucose is needed to supply energy for this run under aerobic and anaerobic conditions? Assume that we make 30 ATP from one glucose molecule under aerobic conditions. MW(glucose)= 180 g/mol. 


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