Computer Forensics

These are discussions questions, not a paper. Please submit enough to thoroughly answer each question.


Explain why you believe the trend of threats targeting large enterprises is rising and what you believe is the greatest tool these hackers have at their disposal. Provide a rationale.


Select and detail one other recent trend in cybercrime and explicate the challenge(s) that this trend creates for system forensics investigators.


Describe what you perceive to be the greatest challenge for system forensics investigators. Provide specific details of this challenge and whether or not the challenge differs from a private company investigation compared to a law enforcement investigation. Provide a rationale with your response.


Go to the IEEE’s Website to read the article titled “U.S. Courts Rule For—and Against—Protecting a Suspect’s Hard Drives,” dated February 2012, located at, take a position on the 11th Circuit ruling that forced decryption of an encrypted volume as unconstitutional. Decide whether or not the subject matter of the potential evidence contained therein should have an effect on the court’s decision (e.g., child pornography versus terrorist activities vs. financial crime data). Justify your decision.

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