Foundation of research – (Nursing Core-subject) Academic Essay

Assessment #1 – Assessing the quality of a published research study
The aim of this Assignment is to assist you to develop knowledge and skills in assessing the quality of evidence.

Assessment details

Download and complete the relevant critical appraisal – “Caldwell” tool [adapted] which is also available in the ‘Assessment’ folder.

Using the template provided, work through and answer each section. When providing your answers you should support your statements with evidence from the chosen research paper. Other research journal articles, textbooks, credible online sources can be used to support the answers to each section.

Note the weighing of each section on the marking rubric will guide you regarding the word count for each section e.g. 30% is approximately 600 words, 50% equals 1000 words and 20% weighting is approximately 400 words.

Step 3 – Submit your completed assignment via Gradebook (2000 words)

Please note that you should use correct referencing using the UniSA Harvard referencing system.

Based on the PDF file and read all the content, answer the questions shown on the template file.
Plz read on the attached file of PDF (Article) is a must and closely relevant to the topic, the Word file particularly read (Caldwell_Flow chart) as well, topic 1-3 on the attached word file and all the highlighted link from youtube shown on these word files which are closely interrelated on the assignment how to do. Finally, ****rmb you must do the work based on the attached template called Assig 1 Format Qualitative 2016 (template).
If unclear of the instruction, text me on the msg box asap. Follow the attached unisa harvard referencing guide is a must of doing this assignment. Also, follow the attached Feedback form that is how they give the mark.
Make the language easier as much as possible.
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