I/O Psychology

Please respond to the three discussion questions below. Write a response using information from your text and scholarly research articles to support your reasoning, opinions, and arguments. Each response should be approximately 200 words or more. When stating your answers, do NOT use the same examples that are given in the text. Include scholarly research to support your views.

1. Examine and discuss structured and unstructured interviews. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of structured interviews and unstructured interviews. Think of interviews that you have had. Give an example of a good and a bad interview. Explain why one was good and the other was bad. Also, discuss which interview was structured or unstructured. When would you want to use an unstructured interview? Are there risks to having a “too structured” interview? Is just using a structured interview the best way to go? What is the appropriate amount of structure for an interview?

2. Discuss the use of personality tests in making personnel decisions? Should they or should they not be used? Why or why not? Discuss the non-personality testing you took prior to being hired for your current or a previous job. How valid do you think this was in terms of rating your likelihood of being able to do the job well? Be specific.

3. How can management effectively evaluate individuals when they work as part of a team? What kind of measures should be used? Who would do the ratings of performance?

Remember to answer each part of the question as points will be deducted.


The Book:  Aamodt’s Industrial/Organizational Psychology: An Applied Approach, 7th Edition

ISBN-13: 9781111839970

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