Life style simple assignment, very easy to complete, just answer each question,

Part 1

Record every single thing you eat for 3 days (and drink) record it at  (Or other online analysis program)  Then do the following reflection and submit to dropbox.  If you cant download the nutritional analysis from the program you use or copy and paste it, take a screen shot of it or use your cell phone to take a picture and upload to the dropbox.   

Any nutritional deficiencies?

Any mega dosing on a particular nutrient?

Average caloric intake per day.

Explain how you could correct any deficiencies by substituting foods and or serving sizes?



Nutritional Analysis Part 2

before this unit did you think about the things you eat and drink or are you just a food Zombie?

Based on everything you now know, are you at risk for disease? 

After doing the assessments, watching the videos, and analyzing your food intake, what changes can you make this week?

What changes can you make in the next 3 months?

Write a long term goal with 3 behaviors to change and a way to track changes.



You will earn an A when you demonstrate Insight Analytical understanding of the concepts under discussion. This usually involves going above & beyond answering a question by providing a real-life example &/or linking a statement to other course concepts or earlier discussions.

You will earn a B when you demonstrate Better-than-average or superior levels of learning that go beyond mastery of the course material and exceed the requirements for a C.


You will earn a C when you demonstrate Competence.  A letter grade of C recognizes that all of the course requirements and objectives have been met

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