Find the soloutin of the system by graphing the equation by hand.  If the system is inconsostent or dependent say so.



Find the equation of the line containing the given points

(-2,-7) and (-9, -3)


Use elimination to solve the system, with coordinates of solutions rounded to the second decimal place.

y = -3.35x + 6.46

y = 2.68x – 7.88


Solve the system by substitution.  I fthe system is inconsistent or dependent say so.

y = 4x + 6

8x – 2y = 21


Solve the equation by substitution.  Verifyu your answer by chcking that it satisfies bith syustems of equations.

2x + 3y = 24

x – 3y = -6

Find an equation of a line that has the given point and is perpendicular to the given line.

(-6,-7) x + 6y = 10







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