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Ethical Decision Making

Identify any ethical violation and then describe the most ethical responseBe sure to provide your rationale and reference any pertinent Ethical Codes/Standards. Each Case Response must be answered with a minimum of 150 words, but not more than 250 words (not including any references).

1) Case 2 Jake Oliver was filled with guilt when he arrived for his initial appointment with psychologist, Dr. John Wang.  After asking and receiving assurance that their conversations would be confidential, Mr. Oliver disclosed that, two months earlier, he had murdered his alcoholic wife of 12 years due to her alleged sexual affairs and the physical abuse she inflicted upon him.  He described that one night, when she arrived home inebriated and as she was bathing, he held her head under the water until she died.  Her death was ruled an accidental drowning by the medical examiner.  Jake had gotten away with the crime and was now having some feelings of guilt for killing his wife.

2) Case 1 After the deaths of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman a clinical social worker (Susan Forward) who had 2 therapeutic sessions with Nicole Simpson in 1992, made public comments about Nicole Brown’s private disclosures.  Specifically, after Nicole Simpson’s death Susan told reporters that Nicole Brown Simpson, had told her, during the course of the therapeutic sessions, that she had experienced abuse at the hand of OJ Simpson. 

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