Persuasive research paper

My view of the fast food industry and obesity is that the Fast Food Industry affects the health of all Canadians. Consumers should be educated enough to know what products to buy, producers are not to blame. Producers in the fast food industry make inexpensive and unhealthy food with almost no nutrients this creates a large market with much to profit from, as consumers we are aware in current society what is put in these foods and how they are harmful to us. People cannot put the blame the fast food industry but only blame themselves for unhealthy choices.


Attached is the paper outline and the topic you need to write on.

Attached also are 4 PDF documents about obesity and will need to refrence the articles in the research paper and use them to exlpain your position toward the fast food industry and state that its the consumers to blame, not to fast food producers.


A good resource to also keep in mind (if you have seent he movie) Super Size me, to give a better understanding of the health defects these foods cause.


MLA Formatting


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