Please read and follow format 1 page

Micro case presentation:    Three year  African American  boy who is  developmental Delayed. single Parent Low, Income, born like that


Demographics: include age, gender, ethnicity, living situation, circumstances of your invlovement


Key finding: Give details of the current situation revelvant to the understanding why this situation is a case. for example gives signs and symptons of problem or illness, environmental factors that impenge on the situation, and actual or potential resource within the situation


Background Give revelant history. for example events that happened years ago may help clarify the current situation.

Formulation; Describe your understanding of why thuiings are as they are. This should reflect one or more theoretical perspective. It may appropriately reflect uncertainly or ambivalence.


ntervention and plans: Describe what you have done and what you plan to do about the situation.


Reseaon for presentation: Explain why you selected this case when you could have presented several other cases. Does it present a unique challenge or an unusual problem? Does it illustrate the efectiveness of an intervention? Do you need help with the case or are you presenting it so others can learn from your experience.


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