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1. The Eighth Amendment prohibits punishments that are no longer acceptable to civilized society and referred to as “cruel and unusual punishments.”  Discuss the history and reasoning of this Amendment and comment on the views of the Supreme Court and conclude the response with examples.


 2.  Discuss the “three-strike laws?”  What views do supporters and opponents hold about three-strike laws? This has been a controversial law and much debate surrounds the punishment authorized by the law.  Be thorough as the pros and cons are discussed and conclude the response with examples. (Search for information outside the textbook (the web) to supplement the response and cite the sources).


3.  The U.S. Supreme Court has made exceptions to the death penalty regarding “mentally retarded murderers and “juvenile murderers.”  Just what is the reasoning of the court concerning why the death penalty should not be enacted on these two groups of offenders?  Provide general information as necessary…… and be thorough when explaining the court’s decisions on these two groups.

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