reflective on managerial accounting course

 1-2 page (500-1000 words)


  1. Describe what you consider the most interesting topic that we covered in this class? What part of the class did you find most exciting or what part changed your thinking the most?


  1. Identify and predict how you might use an insight from this topic in your future, personally or professionally. Specifically think about how this area might provide career opportunities? This is intended to make you think how managerial accounting can be of help to you to advance in your future.


 This exercise has two purposes:


1) This exercise provides some insights for me in what you considered most useful.


2)    This provides an opportunity for you to give your career some thought and to formulate career goals. Hopefully your plans work out (as long as they are legal and morally ok) and you become famous.  



Your answer should be organized and written succinctly using proper grammar, capitalization and punctuation. Also, you should not cut and past your answers from web pages. 

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