Research Proposal for Project 5

Here you will be proposing to research a specific problem with an eye toward making a recommendation for solving it. The results of your research with your recommendation will be reported at the end of the semester in Project 5.

Attach your research proposal (file type: rtf, doc, or docx) here. Like most research proposals, you should present a research plan, but it should include all of the below information. Your proposal is also a kind of topic proposal as well, in that I’ll be looking to see if I think your topic is feasible and respond either with “permission to proceed” or with a suggestion of something to do before going further. One more time, remember that the focus is to be a real-world “local” problem or opportunity that you will solve. 

Below is the list of required information to include:

 your precise topic and the background for that topic (what kind of problem your report addresses and how your report will go toward solving that problem) 
 different solutions to the problem or opportunity you intend to explore in discovering what exactly to recommend 
 how questions of feasibility enter into the topic 
 how the topic fits the project 5 assignment in other ways (is it local, specific, practical, and a study of a problem with an eye toward recommending one out of a few researched solutions?)
 the type of research you have already done and how that affected your topic 
 further research that you will pursue (be as specific as possible) 
 a plan of action for completing the report, including a tentative schedule for getting various components done

LENGTH: One to two pages, single spaced

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