reserved on kim woods

Finish in 24 hours

Write a research proposal on a topic inspired by the novel.
The research proposal will be 250-500 words long and follow MLA guidelines.
Include the following points and use the suggestions on page 72 and pages 80-83 of the Little Seagull Handbook for help in writing your proposal.
Introduce the topic you have chosen. How does the topic relate to the novel?
What questions do you have about the topic as you make connections to a larger context beyond the novel? Why does this topic matter, and how is this topic important to you and to your goals as a writer?
Ask a research question, and write a tentative thesis statement.
What research have you done so far?
Write a summary of your research including sources that provide evidence for your argument as well as investigating sources to consider counterarguments.
Discuss how you might bring arguments from each source into your argument.
Your research will not have been completed at the time of writing this proposal.
Do your best in discussing what you have found so far and your research plans moving forward. 

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