Society and Technology Check Your Understanding Module 6

Directions: Describe the following terms.  Responses to each topic should be a minimum of one paragraph in length, which must consist of five to seven sentences.  Please provide examples from the textbook, if applicable.  Students should utilize APA guidelines for formatting and citations.


1.What is the difference between a Dominant Client and a Dominant Regulator?


2.Are high-tech weapons relevant or even useful in low tech wars?


3.What kind of impact has technology had on the history of warfare?


4.How do designers of high tech weapons which are low in terms of protection for its users build user confidence?


5.What causes antibiotic resistance?


6.Can people who have eaten animals that have been treated with antibiotics become resistant to medications used to treat human illness?


7.Why is AIDS now considered the world’s most deadly infectious disease?


8.What have governments done to prevent AIDS?


9.Even though medical technology has increased the average life span of humans what ethical questions still remain today when treating patients?



10.Compare and contrast medical treatment from the 1800s to current medical treatments.

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