the sociology of sport

 Pick the sport that you will be observing.  Do some research on it, and answer the following questions in a paper of 1–2 pages:

1.       What is the history of this particular sport?

2.       What is the sociodemographic description of fans and players? Explain whether your sport is amateur or professional.

3.       How does this sport fit into contemporary American life?

4.       What cultural trends have impacted it? (For example, is this event or sport covered by the sports media?   How does that impact the experience of it?)

5.       Find at least 2 articles or readings that discuss the sport. Discuss at least 2 of the following: class, sex, race, education, age, and how your sport represents society.

6.       What is your best sense as a beginning sociologist of the meaning of your sport as a social institution?  

Be sure to cite your sources using proper APA format.

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